Our Instruments

Saddle Pal

Our oldest and best selling model is the amazing Saddle Pal. The little 13" lower bout,12 fret, guitar that just doesn't know it is a small guitar. Click on the button below for specifications and photos.

specs and photos


Dubbed the Elko model because the first one was made for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Charity Auction in Elko, Nevada, this slotted peghead, 12 fret guitar is about the size of a classical guitar. Cowboys love it, and so do all kinds of other players.

specs and photos

LH 14

LH 14 simply stands for the Lame Horse 14 fret guitar. We created this model after our friend, and great English guitarist, Michael Watts told us we needed to build a 14 fret guitar. The body shape is that of a Gibson pre WWII L model, or roughly a 00 size. The bracing is Gibson pre war with Lame Horse modifications.

specs and photos


No matter how many guitars one has, they all pretty much sound like a guitar. That is why so many great guitar players own a 6 string banjo. You get a banjo sound from an instrument that plays like a guitar, is easy to capo, and is easy to play in different tunings. Click on the action button below to learn more about the Gitjo.

More about the Gitjo

Lame Horse OM (name pending)

Hopefully we will be able to come up with a more creative name, but this fall, we will be introducing a new Model - an OM sized and shaped guitar. We have been prodded on in our new venture by our friend Terence Tan, of Singapore, and owner of Good Acoustics, who will be the owner of the first one.

The Original Cowboy Uke

These ukuleles are a fun side project for us. Unlike our other instruments, we don't hand make all the parts. Only the final assembly and setup are done in Texas, but they are sweet-sounding little solid wood instruments, with a sweet story to match their looks and sound.

The Story of the Original Cowboy Uke