Keep It In the Case with a Humidipak

Humidipaks both dispense and absorb humidity. They will keep an instrument at a perfect 49% in a closed case for several months, once the instrument and the case have reached the optimum 49%. They are inexpensive, and refills are inexpensive.

Monitor the Humidity in the Case with Humiditrak

Humiditrak monitors the humidity in your guitar case and connects via bluetooth to your mobile device. If the humidity strays too far from normal, an alert is sent to your device. 


Avoid Leaving Your Guitars Out in a Non-Humidity Controlled Space

Avoid leaving your instruments out of the case unless you are controlling the humidity in the room where they are stored. The worst damage we have seen to instruments is in those left out in northern states during the cold winter. The constant heating of the air eliminates all of the humidity, resulting in cracks, as well as sunken tops and backs.

Humidity Controlled Cases Are One Answer

Display cases that control humidity are a good way to display instruments without exposing them to environmental extreme changes in humidity. However, these cases may be costly.

Humidifying Entire Rooms or Homes Can Improve Quality of Life for Humans and Instruments

Low humidity in the winter is common and hard on mammals as well as wood instruments. We keep our entire house at 45% all winter. We find life much more pleasant for the humans and the guitars. Often single rooms can be humidified very inexpensively with a small room humidifier available almost anywhere.

We Are Happy To Help Out

If you own a Lame Horse Guitar, we are happy to supply Humidipaks, Humiditraks, and Humidipak refills at well below retail pricing as a service to our clients. Just give us a call. We keep these items in stock all the time.