Easily Adjustable
Playing Action

The playing action on all finely made acoustic guitars changes some over time. String pull, humidity (and lack of humidity), and temperature variations all change the playing action. All Lame Horse guitars are equipped with a system which allows the player to quickly and easily dial in the perfect playing action whenever necessary.

Rear Access Panel

The rear access panel on all Lame Horse guitars makes it very easy to visualize and work on the inside of our acoustic guitars. Installing or changing electronics is a breeze. It also gives us a pallet for artwork and a chance to show of the interiors of our guitars. Not having an access panel is like buying a new automobile and welding the hood shut.

Scientifically Selected Soundboards

Sides and backs of guitars are beautiful frames for the most important part of this sound making machine we call a guitar – the TOP!  Yes, the back and sides look very nice, and do influence what we hear in subtle ways, however, what separates an average guitar from a great one is the top. For that reason Lame Horse instruments has spent 25 years searching, studying, weighing, and measuring guitar soundboards in order to understand what makes them work.

Triple Sides

All Lame Horse guitars have sides made up of a normal, bent, solid tone wood side with two layers of wood veneer laminated to the inside of it. Not only does this make for a beautiful side that will resist cracking, but the glue joint locks the rim’s shape, overcoming any tendency to spring back. It allows us to glue tops and backs on to the sides out of a mold, without the use of spreaders – removing any tension placed on the top or back by helping to hold the shape of the guitar.

Interior Detail

Attention to details of construction inside the guitar such as using hot hide glue to attach all bracing, kerfing, tops, and backs; and using decorative side bracing; all illustrate our dedication to the longevity, sound quality, and artistic uniqueness of each instrument. Our goal is for each instrument to have an emotional connection with its owner, and to continue to have the ability to do that for generations to come.


Custom Fiberglass Cases

We furnish fiberglass cases for all of our instruments. They are the best at protecting the instrument while maintaining the proper temperature and humidity inside the case where the instrument lives. Our base price includes a Cross Rock case. Custom fitted Calton cases maybe substituted for a $1000 premium. Calton is the world’s finest case. They are all perfectly custom fitted to every instrument with plush padding, and are pretty much indestructible.