The Big Hoss

The Big Hoss is an instrument that was too long in coming. However, once it arrived it has become almost as popular as it’s older, but smaller brother, the Saddle Pal. The two instruments share the same body shape. The dimensions of the Big Hoss have just been expanded some from those of the Saddle Pal. It shares all the tonal characteristic that make the Saddle Pal so special, with just a bit more size to deliver a bit more of it at once. Please listen to the attached Big Hoss sound samples and like all Lame Horse Instruments, if you wish, protected by the world’s best travel case – Calton of Austin, Texas.

  • scale length 25.5 inches, 12 frets to the body

    multi-piece laminate neck with dual action truss rod, and carbon fiber reinforcementslotted headstockBody length – 20 inchesBody

  • width upper bout – 11.3 inches

  • Body width lower bout – 15 inches

  • Body depth at neck joint – 3.75 inches

  • Body depth at butt – 4.25 inches

  • Scientifically tested spruce, or western red cedar soundboard

  • GraphTech ratio open back tuners –

  • High Quality Fiberglass Case

  • Base price – $10,900.00

  • All standard Lame Horse features – laminated neck, adjustable playing action, rear access panel, scientifically tested and selected soundboard, and all protected by the world’s best travel case – Calton of Austin, Texas.