Saddle Pal

Saddle Pal Specs

This Guitar is our oldest and dearest model, unchanged since 1999. It is 12 frets to the body. Like all Lame Horse guitars, it has adjustable playing action, and rear access panel.
Saddle Pal Model Specifications:

  • body length - 20 inches
  • body width lower bout - 9.5 inches
  • body width upper bout - 13 inches
  • body depth at neck - 3.625 inches
  • body depth at tail - 4.125 inches
  • fret scale - 25.5 inches
  • with or without cutaway
  • tuners - Ratio
  • Calton travel case


A Little Saddle Pal Sound Sample

Please listen to the Saddle Pal - but please don't tell her she is a small guitar. She is unaware. This was recorded on an iPhone - imagine how good this guitar really sounds!