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Builders of Custom Hand Made Guitars

Builders of Custom Hand Made Guitars Builders of Custom Hand Made Guitars

Lame Horse News


The new Gitjo Debuts on The European Boutique Guitar Showcase

The all new Lame Horse Gitjo is being unleashed on the world in the European Boutique Guitar Showcase. We have been working on this instrument since January with Tom Nechville of Nechville Banjos. Tom has helped us fit his Helimount banjo head mounting system to our 6 string Gitjo neck and rim. It makes for perfectly even pressure all around the rim - which is just not possible with hooks and nuts. The Helimount system has so many positive effects on sound quality. It allows precise tuning of the head to a certain frequency to eliminate wolf notes. But best of all, the beautiful machined aluminum frame increases the monopole vibration area of the head, resulting in a louder, smoother sounding 6 string banjo with more low end than ever before possible.

The prototype of our new nylon string crossover model, the Taos, is almost completed. Please watch for photos.