LH 14

Over time, many people asked us for a 14 fret small body guitar. Inspired by some of the best sounding acoustic guitars ever made - the pre-World War II Gibson L series flat tops - we have created the LH 14. We always were in awe of the beautiful sound created by these old Gibsons whenever we heard one. When we looked inside of them, we found their construction very similar, in fact in many ways identical (like brace shape), to Lame Horse guitars. Therefore, we set out to capture that classic sound ,and add a few Lame Horse updates - such as access panels, adjustable neck action, multi-ply necks and sides. The result is a guitar we are very proud of - the LH 14.

  • Specifications
  • 14.5 inch lower bout
  • 9.5 inch upper bout
  • length
  • 25 inch scale length
  • playing action adjustable under full string tension
  • multiply neck and sides for strength and stability
  • Tuners - Graphtech Ratio or Grover
  • Calton custom travel case
  • Base price $8900