The Gitjo is a guitar banjo. Many guitar players desire the resophonic sound that a really good banjo produces. Players as diverse as Don Edwards, the king of the cowboy and old time blues singers, and Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse use a lot of banjo in their music. What do these two musicians have in common, other than making great music? They both play a Gitjo, an instrument tuned and played like a guitar, with the sound of a banjo. A very comfortable, 25.5 inch scale, guitar neck is mounted to a banjo pot. This is no ordinary banjo pot. It is not laminated like most. It is made from 48 blocks of highly figured fine hardwoods such as maple, mesquite, koa, and bubinga glued up into a dodecagon (12 sided polygon), and then turned to the perfect diameter on a lathe. The neck fits perfectly to the body via a precisely machined piece of ebony. All of this, coupled with a custom Lame Horse bridge and tailpiece give the Gitjo the perfect look and the perfect sound. The newest famous musician to be added to list of Gitjo players is John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful.