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Builders of Custom Hand Made Guitars

Builders of Custom Hand Made Guitars Builders of Custom Hand Made Guitars


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It's An Ill Wind That Blows No Good

We just found out that the La Connor Guitar Festival 2020 has been cancelled. That makes us sad. However, it is not all bad news.


We were making  another western red cedar topped Saddle Pal from our 20 year old stash of cedar tops, with koa back and sides for La Conner - and continuing the Celtic theme. The guitar is very similar to the one we made for the BIG 2020 Festival that was cancelled.  After BIG was officially cancelled and that instrument was released for sale, it lasted 2 days. The first person to play it became its new owner. This instrument is not completed, but it is now for sale. We are very backed up right now with work. This is a chance to jump the line, and own a Saddle Pal.

In Progress Photos

Top Bracing

Cedar Top Being Finished

Top Bracing


As unconventional as a Saddle Pal rosette may look at times. The bracing is not so unconventional at all.


Cedar Top Being Finished

Top Bracing


The double sides are maple finished with a Celtic pattern in keeping with the rosette.

Cedar Top Being Finished

Cedar Top Being Finished

Koa Back Undergoing Finishing


We use a special algorithm to select all our tops for the perfect density and stiffness. We carefully measure the Young's modulus, density, and longitudinal resonant frequency of all wood we are considering as guitar tops.

Koa Back Undergoing Finishing

Koa Back Undergoing Finishing

Koa Back Undergoing Finishing


The weight and resonant properties of koa seem to work extremely well for our Saddle Pal model.

Rosette and Side Ports

Koa Back Undergoing Finishing

Back, Side, Ebony Binding


A long laborious process of listening and measuring the spectrograms of the various modes of vibration of the guitar is done to achieve final voicing and determine final port sizes.

Back, Side, Ebony Binding

Koa Back Undergoing Finishing

Back, Side, Ebony Binding


And of course, in the end, it all has to look nice!

Price of Cedar - Koa Saddle Pal $9400

This guitar comes in a custom Calton Case.  Equipped with Graphtech slot head tuners, custom made for Lame Horse Instruments, and has all standard Lame Horse features - access panel, adjustable playing action, 7 piece neck, and slotted peg head.

Two Lame Horse Komona Wanna Leiya Ukuleles

Click on the blue action button to read the story of the "Original Cowboy Ukulele."

Both Solid Honduran Mahogany Top, Back, and Sides

We feel Honduran mahogany gives the best combination of bark and sweetness for the perfect ukulele sound. 

One Tenor, One Concert

These ukuleles have almost exactly identical specifications, however, they are different sizes. One is the popular concert size, being slightly larger than a soprano uke. The other is a tenor, the next larger size up from a concert. Price -Tenor $799 - Concert $699


Both of the instruments have a solid Honduran mahogany back, sides, and neck. They have rosewood binding, peg head overlay, fingerboard, and bridge. Both have geared Grover ukulele tuners with black buttons. Bone is used for the saddle and nut on both instruments. They both have cowgirl pinups on the back. These images are very durable. However, these images are also easily removed for anyone who just prefers a plain mahogany back to the graphic. A hardshell, green velour lined, faux alligator case is supplied with each instrument. Photos of the details of the instruments and cases are included below.

Learn the History of the Cowboy Ukes

Unlike our guitars and Gitjos which are all made in Texas, these ukuleles are made of imported parts, and only partly constructed by us in an effort to keep their price low. However, the quality of the uke and its sound is high.

La Cathedral OM - Available at the Guitar Sanctuary

The Guitar Sanctuary, McKinney, TX, one of the most beautiful guitar stores in the world,  is now offering our latest guitar. An OM model. Specs - Top-Engelmann spruce. Back and sides - highly figured katalox. Neck 7 piece Honduran mahogany. Fingerboard - ebony. Bridge - Indian rosewood. Scale length - 25.5” 14 fret. Rosette - pomelle bubinga, red abalone, turquoise, with 10 sound holes, side port. Head plate - pommelle bubinga. VS tuners with ebony buttons. Rear access panel. Adjustable playing action. $10,900

Download an MP3 of Daniel Kirkland Playing this Guitar

kirklandonOM (mp3)


A New Saddle Pal - SOLD

Select Western Red Cedar Top

Waterfall Bubinga back and sides.

Beautiful Celtic Knot Abalone Rosette


top - western red cedar

back and sides - curly bubinga

rosette - blue paua abalone, bwb fiber

fingerboard - ebony

tuners - VS custom w/ amber buttons

neck - 25.5" scale, mahogany 7 piece

adjustable playing action

rear access panel            

OM Model - SOLD!

This black topped Italian alpine spruce - Madagascar rosewood  guitar is our latest OM. It features  a Venetian cutaway, ebony fingerboard, a nontraditionally shaped sound hole, Macassar ebony bindings, Tibitian turquoise purflings, and Tibetian turquoise  buttons on custom VS tuners. The rosette is crafted from away abalone, Tibetian turquoise, green abalone, and black pearl. Of course, like all Lame Horse Guitars, it features adjustable playing action, multi laminate Honduran mahogany neck, and a rear access panel.

Brian Love describes and demonstrates the OM.

Sold, but we would love to make you one

by the The North American Guitar

London, England