Taos Model #1 - Nylon String Crossover

Classical Shape and Size

Classical Shape and Size

The Taos Model shares a body shape with our Elko Model - based on a 19th century Torres design. A true crossover, the fingerboard is tapered with a compound 12 - 16 inch radius, for comfortable playing. 

The Rarest of All Rosewood Species


This guitar has a beautifully colored, well quartered body made of Southeast Asian rosewood, sometimes called Cambodian rosewood.  The tree is now endangered. The wood can no longer be exported. Our supply was legally imported into this country back in the 1990's.

Rare and Beautiful -With a Wonderful Sound


Southeast Asian rosewood is not only much harder to come by than Brazilian rosewood. It is heavier and harder, giving it an amazing tone. In appearance, it resembles the best cocobolo with red color and dark streaks.

Engelmann Top with armrest, or without


This Taos model has a super nice Engelmann spruce top. It is fitted with a removable cocobolo armrest. Here is is pictured with and without the armrest.

This Taos model is fitted with the fine, VS tuners


Such a fine guitar deserved fine tuners. Therefore we fitted this guitar with handcrafted VS Tuners from Brazil. The buttons are custom made to match the back and sides of the guitar. 

Lame Horse Special Features


Like all Lame Horse Guitars, the Taos model is fitted with an adjustable playing action system. This allows the player to quickly and easily modify playing action. No matter what style of play, gauge  of strings, or humidity, this guitar will have the desired playing action.

Taos Model#1 is offered at $7900

The guitar is sold in a Visesnut case. Please contact Lame Horse Instruments, if you have interest.

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Art Deco Saddle Pal

A New Rosette Design


This is the first Saddle Pal to incorporate a new non-traditional rosette design, which expands the palate to both sides of the fingerboard.

Art Deco Design Throughout


The art deco design of the rosette is carried throughout the guitar, including the headstock. The guitar is fitted with custom VS tuners.

A Perfect Engelmann Heart


A  perfectly quartered, aged, ultra-light, Engelmann spruce top gives this guitar the traditional Saddle Pal voice.

Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides


A dramatic set of Brazilian rosewood back and sides complement the Engelmann spruce top.

A Lame Horse Interior


The art deco theme is continued to the inside of the guitar onto the maple double sides.

All the Lame Horse Extras


Of course this guitar comes with all the Lame Horse extras - Hand crafted VS tuners, art deco rear access panel, adjustable playing action, and Calton travel case.

Sold, but we would love to make you one

by the The North American Guitar

London, England


Elko Built for the 2019 NAMM Show

This Elko Model is Full of Bells and Whistles


NAMM is the world's biggest and best stage for musical instruments. Only the best work from every luthier and factory is being exhibited there. We made this guitar to stand out in that star studded field. 

Turquoise Appointments


This Lady wears her turquoise jewelry well. The 3D rosette, access panel truss rod cover, front and back purflings, fingerboard inlay and purflings, back inlay, and even the tuner buttons are carved from turquoise.

A Special Engelmann Top


The top (and guitars are really all  about the top) is made from Engelmann spruce aged in our shop for 15 years. The best thing about an acoustic guitar is that its sound improves every day. Listen to the sound clip below to hear what a head start this top gives this new guitar.

Perfectly Quartered Ziricote Back and Sides


Ziricote does not get better than the ziricote on the back and sides of this guitar - perfectly quarter sawn, dark streaks, and a nice wave back inlay to complement the theme.

Lame Horse Interior


In keeping with our tradition of using our best efforts everywhere in the guitar, The interior of this guitar is no disappointment. The wave theme is played out well on the interior - Britannia Rules the Seas!

All the Lame Horse Extras


Of course this guitar comes with all the Lame Horse extras - Hand crafted VS tuners with turquoise buttons, rear access panel, adjustable playing action, and Calton travel case.

This Guitar is No Longer Available Through The North American Guitar Because - They Have Sold it

The North American Guitar found her a good home in Yorkshire, England.  However, they will be happy to order one for you using one of their upcoming reserved build slots.

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Lillian, a New LH 14 at TNAG, London

WOW! What A Top!


Lillian sports a beautiful Sitka spruce top with the most silking we have ever seen. This top has absolutely no runout, and golden color that makes the silking and longitudinal grain even more beautiful. 

Honduran mahogany


Figured mahogany is pretty to look at, but for the maximum stiffness and lightness needed for that perfect warm mahogany tone, it takes the perfectly straight grain exhibited in Lillian's back and sides.

A Unique Rosette


Lillian's rosette consists of mother of pearl, abalone, and very fine white and black lines, all elegantly laid into burled walnut. It makes for a modern rosette with a vintage vibe.

Graphtech Ratio Tuners


Lillian is fitted with Graphtech Ratio Tuners, which tune all strings at the same speed due to different gearing for each string. These tuners are not cheap, but worth every penny.

LH 14 All the Way


Lillian has the typical  sound of all LH 14 guitars, at home being strummed, finger picked, or flat picked. Lillian is an all around performer. That sound will stay safe and secure in a Calton fiberglass travel case, which is included.

All the Lame Horse Specialties


Like all Lame Horse Guitars, Lillian is fitted with a rear access panel for easy access to the inside of the guitar, and playing action that is quickly and easily adjustable by the player under full string tension.

Give Lillian a Listen

The great Stuart Ryan plays a short demo piece on Lillian which will give you an idea of her power, sustain, and volume. All of the features never waver as he moves up and down Lillian's 25" scale, 14 fret neck.

click here to listen

Lillian Has Been Sold

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Saddle Pal - Robin

Unique In Every Way


This Saddle Pal is truly a beautiful, one of a kind musical tool.  It's uniqueness begins with a three dimensional rosette and 14 sound holes.

A Strong Voice


The select Engelmann spruce top supplies a a huge voice with complete string to string balance, super intonation, and deep bass notes uncharacteristic of small guitars.

Beautiful Tonewoods


Wood lovers will find a lot to like on this guitar. Rarely does one find Madagascar rosewood of this quality anymore.

Rear Access Panels


Like all Lame Horse Guitars, this guitar is built to last. It is equipped with a rear access panel to allow easy visualization and access to the interior of the guitar. Changing or adding electronics is a breeze. Inspecting and repairing damage, should it occur, can easily and accurately be accomplished.

Adjustable Playing Action


All Lame Horse guitars feature playing action easily adjustable under full string tension. A few turns of the Allen wrench, and one always maintains perfect playing action regardless of weather conditions or the instruments age.

Only the Best Protection is Good Enough


Lame Horse Guitars come with custom fitted Calton Travel Cases, the worlds best guitar case. Made in Austin, TX, USA. Robin's case has a blue exterior with a gold interior.

Robin has been sold. She has moved on to her new home in Las Vegas, NV.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss any questions you might have about this instrument. We are happy to rename instruments, if the new owner so wishes. A new truss rod cover will be made at no charge.